Pit Viper XS For Kids – Just Like Dad’s But Smaller

Pit Viper XS

There are many different types of Pit Vipers for kids, but one is definitely the most popular. Kids will love their own pit viper hat with their favorite cartoon character. Whether it is the Leonardo XS, the 1993 XS, or the Hail Sagan XS, they’ll have a blast. These hats are adjustable and durable, just like adult hats.

Pit Vipers for kids

Pit Viper XS for kids

When you’re buying sunglasses for kids, make sure you get the kids’ version. This is the only one that will keep juice boxes cold, and it’s sturdy enough to protect kids from the sun’s rays. The newer styles of these sunglasses feature a molded fiberglass temple for added durability. Its temple arm makes it easier to store sunglasses when not in use, and it is adjustable so your child can wear it comfortably. These glasses are also available in three different colors for both boys and girls.

The XS version is just as versatile as the original, but it’s shorter and wider than the original Pit Viper. Kids love the rounded frames and the cool temple lens. These glasses will protect their eyes against harmful UV rays, and the molded frames are lightweight and comfortable for your child. This pair is designed to be comfortable to wear for years to come. Buying them now will help your kid stay protected from the sun’s harmful rays while on the playground.

The Leonardo XS

The lightweight molded plastic frames of Pit Viper the Leonardo XS feature interchangeable lenses, a sturdy rubber headband, and adjustable locking buckles on the lens and temples. The adjustable temples allow the wearer to modify the size of the lens as needed to match the shape of a kid’s face. This pair of kids sunglasses is great for children who participate in sports but may be too feminine for a boy.

With its adjustable width and height, Pit Viper leonardo for kids has a lower profile than the adult version. These sunglasses are a favorite among kids because of their fashion-conscious nature. The Leonardo XS has the same durability, adjustability, and adjustability of the adults’ version. The Leonardo XS has a rounded frame, making it easier for kids to fit.

The 1993 XS

The smallest version of the 1993 Pit Vipers for kids. This version is slightly smaller than the 1993s, but it still commands respect and authority. The 1993 XS for kids can also be worn by larger children. This sunglasses is 4.9 inches wide and 2 inches high. It’s a durable pair of sunglasses, and a good choice for younger kids. However, the marketing materials for the XS for kids are questionable.

A special lens made for kids makes this pair even more attractive. It won’t fog up as easily as normal lenses, which means they need less maintenance. The lenses’ temples are also removable, so your child can change the shape of their face anytime they like. is priced fairly low, and it’s a good choice for kids. These sunglasses are available in several colors and are available at a range of prices.

The Hail Sagan XS

The Hail Sagan XS Pit Viper – a favorite of the school crowd – has been redesigned for kids. Made from durable, adjustable leather, these shoes are made to stand up to the wear and tear of everyday school life. Whether you’re looking for a durable school shoe or a pair that adjusts to your child’s foot, the Pit Vipers can accommodate your child’s unique foot shape.

With Hail Sagan Pit Viper you can give your kid that same joyous feeling. The new XS line brings the same durability and adjustability of Pit Vipers to the little faces out there who are sending it big.

The Playmate XS

The Pit Viper The Playmate Kids Sunglasses are designed to provide 100% UV protection. Made with rubberized coating, these sunglasses are extremely durable. They are also resistant to cuts and scratches. Although they may not be as strong as the Pit Vipers, they are still perfect for outdoor use. Pit Viper The Playmate XS won’t keep your juice boxes cold, but it’ll sure as heck make you look cool. Meet the vibrant macaw of the sunglass world.

The Pit Viper Playmate XS sunglasses have adjustable temples and lenses made of lightweight molded plastic. Each lens is equipped with an adjustable locking buckle. The temples are also interchangeable so you can change the shape of your child’s face at any time. They are also durable and comfortable to wear. Whether your kid is tall or short, a pair of Pit Viper sunglasses will look good on them.

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