Your Size Guide – Find the Right Pit Vipers Sunglasses

Your Size Guide - Find the Right Pit Vipers Sunglasses

Size Guide Find the right Pit Viper Sunglasses

If you’re in the market for Pit Vipers, it’s important to know what size you should be looking for. Here’s how to find the right fit, style, and color in the best possible shade. Follow these instructions to find your perfect sunglasses.

Choose the Right Lens

Every pair of sunglasses features a different lens. The shape of the lenses is an “L” shape. The length of the lenses varies, but all around 9mm of width.  The width of the lens are close to the width of the human eye. Therefore, you should have a measurement to get the correct data of your face.
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Get the Prescription

Your eye doctor will have to give you the measurements of your face, including the height, width, and roundness. Then you’ll get the prescription based on those numbers. Your facial data is important for choosing the suitable lens. You don’t want to have any trouble finding the perfect fit, so keep these factors in mind as you shop.

Choose the Right Size

Once you’ve figured out the prescription, it’s time to decide on the shape of the lens. Since each eye has its own unique shape, it’s best to choose a frame that matches shape of the eyes. While there isn’t a size guide for eyeglasses, you can use the Pit Viper size chart to figure out which size is best for your eye.

Choose the Right Shape

Now it’s time to talk about the shape of the frame. There are basically two kinds: a normal frame design and a double wide frame design. The normal frame is the smaller one, such as Pit Viper THE HOT TROPICS. On the contrary, the double wide frame such as the Pit Viper 1993 Double Wide is much bigger. The big frame ensures better facial protection from UV rays and dust.  As a result, the double wide frame design is used more often by professionals, while the normal frame can be used for those who just want to look cool, like surfers and swimmers.

Replacement Lens

Another important feature of Pit Viper sunglasses is its unique lens. Pit Viper applies high-tech material in the design of its lens. As a result, we can have pit viper replacement lenses. A replacement lens allow consumers to change the frame of their sunglasses. You can choose different shapes, colors and weights of frames. You can have a Pit Viper THE LA BRIGHTS POLARIZED, or Pit Viper THE CORDUROY POLARIZED.

Enjoy your Pit Viper Sunglasses

And now you’re ready to enjoy them. Just remember to stay protected by wearing a good pair of shades when you’re going out in the sun for long periods of time. And if you’re in the habit of losing or misplacing your sunglasses, be sure to invest in a good case so that your investment stays in good condition. Good luck with your search for the perfect pair of sunglasses!

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